Who We Are

About Circle H Growers


Circle H Growers, LLC (formerly known as The Potting Bench) was established in 1995 by Ed Hebbe IV in a small 13 X 16 greenhouse.  This greenhouse was built that spring to replace one that was well beyond its time.

After getting this one set up and running, I had some leftover bedding plants I grew and instead of just throwing them out I decided that I'd try to at least sell the remaining stock I had available.  It ended up working far better than I had anticipated.  And thus, Circle H Growers (Formerly The Potting Bench) was born.

For the next couple of years I accepted orders from folks and grew what they ordered and then sold anything remaining to whoever else was interested in buying.  In these first years I loaded that little greenhouse up from top to bottom and have to say that it was a little tough getting from the front to the back at times.

In 1997 I knew I had to have a larger greenhouse if I intended to stick with what I enjoyed.  I decided that if I was going to go into this on a larger scale, I had to make a decision to do it or not.




So after a lot of research, praying and excited nervousness, I jumped in with both feet and in the fall of 1997 I purchased a new Stuppy 27 X 60 poly greenhouse.

By the spring of 1998 it was up and running and thus started something that has continued to grow since.

I also always wanted to grow and offer poinsettias here in Deer Lodge.  But since I wasn't ready to give them a try from scratch, the first couple of years I ordered in poinsettias from growers who were established in this area and then sold them to area floral shops and to whoever I could.

I also brought in Christmas trees, wreaths and started selling a line of Christmas lights - which I then began selling on the web as well.  Since this was a new venture I had to learn all I could about getting this set up.  I was a bit surprised by how many orders I received that first year and so The Potting Bench on line also began.




Since that time I've continued to expand my product offerings by adding trees and shrubs, more perennials, more annuals, hard goods, yard and garden accents and more.

In the fall of 2003 I was able to add another 30 X 60 greenhouse to the other one, and the original 13 X 16 greenhouse and vegetable garden was removed to make room for outdoor plant growing and display areas.

The season of 2006 now includes offering perennial plant products for sale on the web.  I've been wanting to do this for some time and this is the year this happens.

My goal is to offer an excellent plant product at a fair price for the beginning or more experienced gardener.

I don't believe one is ever an expert at gardening, because you can always learn or experience something new while out digging in the dirt.  Even after these few short years I've been providing and selling the best product I can, I continue to get excited at what I'm able to grow in the mountainous area of southwest Montana.





It's been challenging at times, but without some of those challenging disappointments you can't fully appreciate overcoming those shortcomings at some point.  A gardener never gives up, even if one thinks it's too difficult.  Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder puts the beauty in the eye of others.  That's what really keeps me going.  The excitement I provide for others.

Circle H Growers offers yard & garden products, Christmas tree lights, European glass Christmas ornaments, and associated plant and hard goods products from the garden center.

Circle H Growers Greenhouse, Nursery and Garden Center grows annuals, perennials, accent plants, hanging baskets and other planted containers from the greenhouse in Deer Lodge, Montana.  Trees and shrubs, as well as other specialty plants, including garden hard goods are available depending upon season.  Several varieties of Christmas poinsettias are usually grown and sold from the greenhouse for the holiday season.






Circle H Growers works with area landscapers and can supply a wide variety of sizes and species of trees, shrubs, perennials, hard goods and more.  Whatever your needs may be, feel free to contact Ed for further information when it comes to your yard, your garden and your outdoor lifestyle.