Orange Frost Incandescent Miniature Christmas Lights

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Bethlehem Lights™ Miniature Christmas Lights

50 End-to-End Light Set

Great for spooky fall-time decorating

  • * 50 count Christmas Light Set
  • * 5½ inches between lamps
  • * 5½ inch lead, 5½ inch tail
  • * 23-foot string
  • * Replaceable fuses
  • * Twist Proof Lamps®
  • * If one lamp goes out the rest stay lit
  • * UL listed for indoor and outdoor use
  • * Connect end-to-end up to 3 strings
  • * Available in black wire only
  • * Poly-bagged

reg $12.99

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Christmas Lights Strand General Information

The GKI/Bethlehem Lighting Promise and Warranty

These miniature Christmas lights feature one other difference: lamps lock on the outside. The patented external lamp lock holds lamps securely in their sockets to prevent loose connections - and makes them easy to remove when a change is needed. Otherwise, Bethlehem Lights Miniatures offer extraordinary brilliance, long-lasting reliability and the GKI/Bethlehem Lighting® Twist Proof Lamps®, quality promise and warranty.

  • Long-Lasting Brilliance: Each lamp shines with rich color and remarkable intensity for more than 3,000 hours. Plus, the string stays lit if one lamp goes out. GKI/Bethlehem Lighting® is one of a very few companies that continue to use 200mA lamps to ensure the greatest possible brightness.

  • Reliability: The external lamp locking design locks lamps into their sockets to prevent loose connections - the most frequent cause of miniature light set failure.

  • Vandal Resistance: Twist Proof Lamps® eliminate misaligned wire contacts, giving you extra security in everyday handling - and protection against mischief.

  • Decorating Flexibility: End-to-end connectors make decorating easy.

  • Perfect Balance: With our balanced spacing, multiple miniature light sets appear as a single, uninterrupted string of light when strung together.

  • Certified Safety: Our lights are UL listed for indoor or outdoor use.