Vintage Lime Green Christmas Tree Topper Finial

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Lime Green

Christmas Tree Topper

Great Masters have used paints and canvas to create masterpieces over the years, today's artists employ many other mediums. The glass ornament is one of these other mediums. Each ornament is a unique work of art. Mouth blown into its final form, then silvered and prepared for painting each one is most likely to have subtle differences from the next. These unique differences are not flaws, but rather the result of the artist's individuality. Although attempts are made to duplicate the individual paint schemes of an ornament, it is impossible for each and every one to be an identical copy of the original. Even the shape of the molded ornament may have slight variations from the glass blower. The differences are what make choosing an ornament exciting.

  • * Approx 11" x 4"
  • * Made in Poland


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Due to the fragile nature of this product, all tree toppers will be insured.  Estimated total S&H charge is approximately $15, depending upon final size of order and destination address. Shipping charges are estimated and will be properly adjusted prior to shipping your order.