Trees and Shrubs

Nice Selection - High Quality - Various Sizes

OUR GUARANTEE: Trees and shrubs sold at Circle H Growers are guaranteed for one year provided they receive proper care and watering.


 Fruit Trees

Circle H Growers has a good selection of fruit trees each year. We offer cold hardy Apples, plums, pie cherries and apricots.

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 Deciduous Trees

Montana-grown and cold-hardy deciduous trees are available for most of the planting season and include native, shade and ornamental trees. Most are available in 5 gallon to 25 gallon-sized pots. Balled and burlaped trees can be special ordered.

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Evergreen trees are a staple in the mountains of the Montana landscape. They add a nice touch to an otherwise dull or boring landscape and offer year-round landscape interest.

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From ornamental, flowering, hedge and juniper type shrubs, Circle H Growers can usually help you get the shrubs you need for your garden beds and landscape.

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Circle H Growers carries a selection of hardy, wild type roses. They add a nice touch to your flower beds where they hybrid varieties usually don't survive.